Converting Microfilm Microfiche To Digital Images

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Converting Microfilm Microfiche To Digital Images

Streamline Your Business With Microfiche Scanning Services!

Remaining competitive in today’s marketplace is a continual process of utilizing new technology that can save time, money, and valuable resources. In business, time is money and the less time it takes to perform any service the same or better, equals more profit. When it comes to new digital technology the applications are endless. One of the most valuable advancements has been converting those old time consuming microfiche film records into a digital format. Professional microfiche scanning services are designed to do exactly that in a safe and risk free manner.

By converting those microfiche film records into a digital format it will allow anyone you give authorization to within your business to gain immediate access right from the convenience of their workstation. That workstation could be within the same office facility or on the other side of the world. Imagine the time savings, and labor costs, you will gain by having this immediate access.

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Customers today are very impatience! They want answers to whatever their questions are immediately. The more time it takes to get your customers the answers to their questions the more likely they will seek out another business to help them. The computer age has created a customer that wants instant results and if we are not able to keep up with our customer’s demands we will soon be out of business.

The old antiquated, very time consuming, methods of looking up information on microfiche film has reached the end of its natural life. The answer is converting those microfiche films through a process called microfiche scanning. This service is extremely safe and will allow you to store those digital files either online or locally within your own computer systems. However, it may be wise to store them in a way that will insure they are not destroyed accidently through a computer glitch, such as, by having them stored both online and at your facility.

Can you imagine what would happen to your business if your current microfiche film records were accidently destroyed by fire or some other natural disaster? That is exactly what happened to the Marine Corps Finance Center in the late seventies. Yes, they had a huge fire that wiped out countless non digital records that were stored within their facility. This left many Marines without a way to verify dates or service, medical information, or many other pieces of very important information. In some cases, Marines were denied deserved medical disability payments because no one could verify they had been injured during their honorable service to our country.

No matter if your order is large or small, we are sure to make your work life much more efficient once you are able to refer to your documents digitally.

We Guarantee Quality Service At The Best Possible Prices.

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As you can see the benefits of microfiche scanning are enormous.

1. Retrieving information will become immediately available from the convenience of an employee’s workstation.
2. Records can be accessed immediately from anywhere in the world.
3. Customer satisfaction will increase dramatically because your staff will be able to provide instant answers.
4. You will no longer have to store records in a warehouse that will always be subjected to fire or any other natural disaster.
5. By having digital records it will save your employee’s countless hours of researching old microfiche films saving time, and remember, time is money.

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